Sunday, January 17, 2010

Internet Diet

I put myself on an internet diet at work.  I (and a few other people?) noticed I was spending way too much time browsing during down time - instead of being proactive and going to find something useful to do.  Not good when you've made the decision to move up the ladder.

Crazily, my internet diet is working better than any other diet I've tried.  It's carrying over into my home life.  I used to spend a good bit of time at work on the internet - and then come home and spend almost as much time (percentage wise) on the internet.   Not productive to achieve other things I want to accomplish.

I've accomplished a good bit this week.  Piddly stuff that I put off - like cleaning the fans in the kitchen and living room or reorganizing the pantry; I suddenly have time to do all these things.  In opened up the computer tonight to go over J.B.'s grades/phone usage during school, and afterward I closed it back down. 

It wasn't until I was sitting here looking at my weekly schedule that I felt guilty about not blogging this weekend.  And realized I needed to get my Get Fit schedule for the week. 

This has been an amazing week for me.  I set a list of four goals.  I accomplished all four.  I have a wonderful new career opportunity, that I'm very excited about.  I'll blog about that more in the next few days.  I had pre-op for LASIK surgery, which is scheduled for January 29th. 

Next week is incredibly busy.  I have two huge projects due over the next two weeks (one by Wednesday of this week.)   I'll try to update with my goals tomorrow.

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  1. such great news!!! do blog about your career opportunity - i can't wait to hear about it :)