Friday, September 24, 2010

Half Iron Thoughts: Two Days Out

I no longer feel like I am in taper mode.  My body and mind are switching gears.

I slept okay last night.  My Sleep Bot says I'm only at a 50 minute deficit for the week but that doesn't count all the wake-up and go back to sleep in the middle of the night.  Tonight seems to be the key night for sleep. 

My nerves are pretty steady.  Slightly intensified over my normal life, but still pretty steady.  It's like there is a hum of nerves encircling me and it's a matter of me keeping it reeled in so not to suck anyone else in. 

Packing is okay.  I have a load of stuff in the laundry, which should be done in time to leave by lunch time.  My bedroom is utter chaos right now.  I'm always a last minute packer. 

I have errands to run this morning.  Gas.  Grocery.  Drug Store.  Then, lunch with James before meeting a teammate in Conyers to ride in tandem to Augusta. 

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