Thursday, September 2, 2010

Solo in the Saddle

Tonight I headed out on the Silver Comet Trail. The schedule called for a brick, but I knew before I left the parking lot that I just wanted to ride tonight. I'd hope to get a long ride in, but got tied up at work and had to settle on a slightly longer than usual ride.

I headed west. There was a fair amount of traffic on the trail tonight. I wasn't surprised as it was a beautiful afternoon. Unfortunately, there were a lot of people on the trail that just don't follow the rules of the trail.
  • Cyclists without helmets, or "Volunteer Organ Donors."  I get the whole we're out for a leisurely ride and the helmet screws with my hair - besides I didn't wear a helmet when I was 12, so I should be fine without one as an adult.  Even at a leisure pace, you can do serious damage to your head should you fall.  Just wear the helmet.
  • Cyclist riding 2+ abreast on the trail when there is oncoming traffic.  Again, I get the whole I'd like to socialize while I ride.  I do it all the time.  However, if there are other cyclist, runners, walkers, etc coming - fall into single file and get out of the way.  Especially if you are riding on the wrong side of the yellow line.
  • Walkers pushing strollers on the wrong side of the trail.  Especially if you are walking with your friend who is walking on the other side of the trail.  I'm a pretty considerate cyclist.  I announce my presence with a loud "ON YOUR LEFT."    Having to announce myself as "COMING BETWEEN YOU" should never, ever ever happen.
The ride itself was great.  I went further than I usually go (about 2 miles and only 4 minutes!!)  I pushed hard but tried to keep my cadence up and try to keep my effort level steady.  It was quiet and I had a lot of time alone with my thoughts, but that was okay.  I even saw a really big snake (like 5+ feet long). 

A good ride like this one makes me feel a little more at ease about Augusta, and that's a good, good thing.


  1. I hate it when people walk 2+ abreast on that trail. It's narrow enough already!

    Are you doing the Silver Comet half?

  2. My "favorite" is when you get two women side by side, both with the double wide strollers.