Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Revisiting the Schedule. Nicole. Reflections. And A Giveaway.

I should really learn to read the schedule before I post about my plans.  It was pointed out to me this morning that my CF gym only has 5am classes on MWF.  Argh!    What's a girl to do!?  Only go three mornings a week?   Well, that won't work because I will never get used to getting up at 4:30 if I don't do it everyday.   Do I just head to LA Fitness and do some cardio?   Tri-Specific Training?  Runs?   OverWhelming!

So, here's my thought.   On Tuesday and Thursday mornings, get up and complete the Crossfit Endurance workout, either at home or at the gym.  That should give me some returns come tri-season and maybe some returns come March.   Still thinking, though -- imput welcome.

Today's WOD (WorkOut of the Day, for non CFers) was "Nicole."  Uhm.   Yeah.  20 minutes. AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible).  400m run/sprint.  Pull-ups to Failure.  I managed 6 rounds (1.5 mile run) and 52 (black) pull-ups.   (Black) is the color band I used for pull-up assistance.  It's the most helpful band of all :)   The workout was tough.  It's nice to get a benchmark of improvement, though. 

I cannot believe December has arrived already.  I have so much shopping to get done over the next few weeks.  Plus Holiday Parties, Stocking Days, and a trip to see Santa.  Wow.  Just breathe.  I'm actually excited about the holidays this year.  The past few years have been hit or miss with my festive attitude.

And, last, but not least, head over to RunWifeyRun to enter her contest for some Fila Toning Pants.  She gives a great review and has two pair to give away.  Or, on second thought, don't -- it only ups my chances of winning!


  1. I'm a runner too and I do CrossFit MWF and train for races T/Th/Sat with a FIRST style training plan. It works for me! If I wasn't training for a race, I would do a CrossFit session on the weekend too.

  2. I'm excited for the holidays, too! Sounds like you had a tough but good workout! And, thanks for posting about my contest. The pants are awesome!

    Winks & Smiles,