Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Best Me I Could Be

Not surprising, but 4:30 came really early this morning.  I contemplated not going to my 5AM CrossFit class.  I tried bargaining with the "maybe I could get to the 6PM class on time."   But, I know that's no guarantee because I have to leave work exactly on time to have any chance of making a 6PM class and have decent traffic.   So, I sucked it up.

Truthfully, I didn't feel well by the time we got to class.  My muscles were lethargic.  I felt a little light headed in the warm-up.  I had to drop the RX weight this morning.

I was internally berating myself about "whimping down" to a lighter weight, but then it hit me.  This one morning, in the grand scheme of things, doesn't matter.  This morning, I did my best and that's all we can ever do.  I didn't have an RX in me this morning.  I really looked deep inside for it.  I even tried one rep at the RX weight.  With the weight racked at RX for power cleans, I couldn't even pick up the bar this morning - a weight that's not usually a problem.

So, I dropped the weight.   I did my best.  I made sure I had exemplary form on my lifts.  I focused on my box jumps (which still need an insane amount of work).   I pounded out 17 rounds and then collapsed onto my box.  Today, I won. 

Ash Wednesday
Lauren - 1; Inner Sloth - 0

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  1. Good for you!! My alarm went off at 4:55 and I decided twice a week spin classes could wait until next week. Bed 1 - me 0