Tuesday, May 10, 2011

First of All

Never try to kill your television the weekend you start a 10 day vacation.  Epic Fail.   It's not that I sat around watching television.  But, on the four hour plane ride that was quite turbulent, it's really hard to do anything but watch the on-board movie.  I tried to read, but it was making me nauseous.Then, there were televisions in every restaurant we went it.  Kind of hard to avoid.  Then you're trapped in a hotel room with someone who's not giving up the television.  I tried.  I have opted to try again starting on the 15th. 

Next, when a temporary hair color says it washes out in 5-40 washes - find a shorter time span color.  So, yeah, I dyed my hair PINK for Vegas.  Not my best idea, but it was fun.  But, now I'm back at work and there's still a bit of pink to it.  The light has to hit it just right to see it, but I fully expect a conversation about it at any moment.  I'm so going to have to go tell my stylist what I did.  Oops.

My Habit Change is going really well.  I haven't seen any change in the scale (but, then again, I was on vacation!)   I'm ready to move on to the next habit, but I still have 3 more weeks of this, so trying not to get ahead of myself.

Otherwise, I'm just relaxed, rejuvenated, and trying to find my way out from the mound of work that accumulated in my absence.

Happy Tuesday!

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  1. I want to see a picture of you with your pink hair! I bet you rocked it! Hope to see you in person soon!