Friday, June 3, 2011

A Transition to Minimalist Shoes

Saucony - Women's ProGrid Kinvara
I admit it.  Yesterday, my head was totally wrapped around the idea that I was getting new racing-flat type shoes and they would be Mizuno.  I'm fiercely loyal like that.

Then, I headed to BPRC in Buckhead.  One option (not the one I'd shopped online) and they'd have to order in my size.

Head drop.  Back to car.  Defeat.

So, I came back to work, did some more research, and am pretty sure that the shoe I went after isn't even available in my size.  Damn Unisex sized shoes.

At that point, I shifted my focus to another brand.  Yeah, I'll get those.  I really like those.  I could order online, but wanted to try them on before I made the purchase.   So, I called BPRC in Decatur, since it's on my way home.   "Buckhead store's the only one that carries that brand."

Called Buckhead.  Out of stock in your size.  Will need to order. 
Called Phidippides.  Don't carry that model. 
Called husband on way home.  His advice, go by either Phidippides or BPRC-Decatur and see what they have to offer.  Let them fit you for what you need not what you want.   Traffic gods conspired against me getting to BPRC Decatur, so I opted to give Phidippides a try.

I've never actually been to Phidippides before yesterday.  I've always been a BPRC girl.  But, let me say - that was probably the best shoe purchase I've ever made. It was fun, educational, and I feel like I came out with the best shoe for what I need right now. 

I went with the Saucony ProGrid Kinvara. It's a neutral shoe weighing only 6.7 oz.  (My inspires were 8.2oz, so big difference.)  I made the comment when I was trying them out that I still felt like I was heel-striking.  I was assured that I was not. 

Tonight I need to get out to the track for 1 of 3 track workouts this week.  I'll be trying out my new shoes. 

Sometimes, change is good.


  1. Nice! like the shoes... I am a Saucony girl. My store of choice is Fleet Feet only because it is close (they are the ones who got me into Sauconys). I may have to give Phiddipides a try.

  2. I used to go to Phidippides when I lived near it. I really liked them.

  3. I live pretty close to Phidippides and they're great. I do have to say that BPRC, in general, has a wider selection of gear and gels. And the prices at BPRC are usually a bit cheaper.