Thursday, January 7, 2010

Oh, The Weather Outside Is Frightful,,,,

Atlanta is under 'severe weather advisory.'   Snow, wintery mix, and some of the coldest temperatures we will probably see all year.  The average high this time of year - mid-50s.  The highs this weekend may get above freezing.

The kids won't have school tomorrow.  As much as I've reiterated "Don't get your hopes up," I know that it's a given.  I'll have to go to work, maybe a little late but will still be there.

Now, I'm staring down the fact that much of the ice will melt and refreeze tomorrow.  The drive from my house to my Saturday run is a good 34 miles.  Road crews won't be as diligent for road recovery first thing on Saturday morning.  To be at the run on time, I would have to leave my house before the sun comes up.

So, I have to make a decision.  Do I attempt to drive across the city to do a tough 14 miler in frigid temperatures?  Do I map out a run from my front door to do 14 miles without driving anywhere?  Or do I (gulp) take the easy route and do 14 on the treadmill?


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  1. Definitely map out a run from your front door! 14 miles on a treadmill = death, and driving so far in such conditions - I wouldn't do that :) Hope this is helpful.