Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday, 30 April 2010

Twenty-one weeks of training actually begins on Monday, but I've been working on my consistency since the first of April.  I've been tweaking my schedule.  I've been working on familial acceptance of training committments.  The family realizes - this is going to take some getting used to.

The skeleton schedule is going to look something like this for atleast the next four weeks:

Monday - Aerobic Swim, Hill Ride
Tuesday - Hill Run; Weights
Wednesday - Technique Swim, Optional Ride
Thursday - Short Ride; Short Run; Weights
Friday - Speed Swim
Saturday - Long Run; Optional Weights
Sunday - Long Ride; Optional Brick Run

Yeah, I know it's lacking off days.  But, coaches load up the schedule and tell us to take off days when we need off days.  Not everyone in the groups body will handle the load the same and so we're all learning to listen to our bodies and react accordingly.  Even if it means several days off at a time. 

This morning, I did a decent paced walk on the treadmill for 35 minutes.  It's what I had in me.  I started to run for a few minutes, but my legs were telling me "No.  Not today."   So, I listened.  **  I need to be better about packing my gym bag.  Had I included my swim gear, it would have been a perfect day to swim this morning.  **

My biggest obstacle is going to be the nutrition.  I was talking to a coach the other night and she told me "with a strong base of fitness - anyone can get through it if the nutrition is there."   I know for a fact that I tend to undernourish myself during any endurance event.  I don't train with nutrition so I tend to ignore it on race day.  I know that I can't get through a half ironman with a sucky nutrition plan.

One problem I have is knowing when to incorproate nutrition on my training.  For example, mentally, I just don't think I should need to practice nutrition for the run on a 4 mile training run.  But, then I keep applying that same mentality on up the spectrum.  "I don't need anything for a 6 miler either."   "Oh, eight miles, I should just need 1 gel."   You can only imagine how this spirals out of control during a marathon. 

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