Monday, May 3, 2010

Twenty One Weeks

After enjoying a weekend staycation (Friday night - Sunday afternoon) with James, I feel rested and ready to stare down the next 21 weeks to Augusta.  It's funny.  Twenty one weeks sounds like no time at all, but 147-ish days feels like all the time in the world.

Last night, I did my nightly ritual of packing up my gym bag.  I was aware of the forecasted rain, so just planned for spin class this morning.  I think spin class has a place in triathlon training, as long as you're doing 2 things.  1.  Really (really) pushing yourself in spin class and 2.  Not using spin class as your only bike time.  For rainy days like today, my options are spin class, trainer time, or push the ride to another day.  Realistically, I'm most likely to push myself in spin class over the trainer.

I still have an aerobic swim today.  The plan is to go after dinner tonight.  I'd like to go from work to pool, but the gym has aqua fit from 6-7.   Luckily, our neighborhood pool opens in 2 weeks.  Except for the dodging of rugrats, it's a very viable option for getting evening swims in on Mondays. 

I do want to set some goals for the next 21 weeks.  A few hard goals.  A few lofty goals.  A few things I just need to work toward.  I'm getting those down on paper and will get those posted in a few days.

Happy Monday.

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