Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Finding Balance

So.  I got a new job.   Realistically, I got a career.  I'm leaving behind the comfortableness of administrative work to become a certified financial planner.  The firm that I work for has two sides:  The CPA side and the Wealth Management side.  My new role will bring new challenges and new opportunities.  The firm is funding the training.  In addition to classroom training, I'm going to get immediate on job training.

Well, maybe I spoke too soon about immediate.

You see, my work motto has always been:  make yourself as indespensible as possible.  When promotions/raises are given, managers/bosses/etc remember the hardest workers, the team players, the ones you can depend on.   When layoffs come around, the indespensibles are usually the last to go.

Unfortunately, in my current position, I've made myself too indespensible and really hard to replace.  No, that's not my ego talking.  That's the fact that I've been told it will take a year to train my resplacement to assume my position.  Managers/Partners that I won't be helping out as much are having a hard time letting go.  My job is not rocket science, but I'm good at what I do. 

I'm dealing with a lot of frustration with this.  I have a lot of anger about being held back from moving forward because of this.  In my head, this makes no sense to me.  And please, don't anyone else tell me about how I'm not transitioning to my new position because it's "not fair to (insert name)."   I'm really sick of hearing 'it's not fair to.." because, you know what - no one has said "Well, we're not really being fair to Lauren."

Anyway!  So not the point of this post, I just needed to get that out! 

In the midst of 70.3 training, I'm also embarcking on the self-study portion of my CFP certification.  I have a total of six courses to complete to be qualified to sit for the CFP exam next July.  I put my weekly study schdule/tentative training schedule together yesterday.  Let's just say my weeks are scary looking.  I've even had to schedule family time and date nights.  It's going to be a lot of hard work to find balance with all that I have planned.  (Let's not forget, I'm going straight into marathon training post 70.3 with a late November marathon (#2) and then will spend a few months focusing on my revenge on Atlanta (f/k/a ING Georgia Marathon))


  1. Congratulations! That is a lot on your plate but will be so worth it :)

  2. i hope the changes go well...it sounds like the transition will be rough, but i have no doubt you'll succeed!

  3. Congrats on the new gig.

  4. Yea, congrats. After you become a CFP, we may need to talk, LOL...

  5. Good luck with everything - work and training. You'll do great in both areas, and thanks so much for sharing.