Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Training Vacation

With 26 days to the biggest endurance event to my athletic life, I'm feeling a little skiddish that I just took 6 whole days off. 

Last Wednesday.  Nothing
Last Thursday.  Nothing
Friday.  Nothing
Saturday. Nothing.  Ok, I actually went dancing, but really?  Nothing.
Sunday.  Nothing.
Monday.  You got it, nothing.

Am I crazy?  Well, isn't this whole sport crazy.

In all seriousness, I've got two things going on with physical me.  1.  I've got a tweak in my shin.  Really, it was a tweak three weeks ago.  Now, it's scaring me.  I took some time off to RICE it.  I'm going to give it a test run tonight.  It's still a little sensitive.  I've also got a strange "where did that come from!?" bruise on the corresponding ankle.  Huge, size of a baseball bruise on my ankle.  No idea where that came from.  Not helping the sensitive shin though.

2.  I'm already freaked-the-hell out about Augusta.  I've had three (yes, three) panic attacks this week about it.  Mentally, I'm shutting down with any confidence that I've built up that I can do this.  I feel guilty asking my support group to build me up again because I've depended so much on them the past few months.  I think some of this mental freak-out could possibly be giving some psychosomatic symptoms of the leg issues. 

Twice this week, I've considered a DNS on Augusta and my fall marathon.  Just call it quits and go home. 

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  1. Lauren!! and just to make sure you know how emphatic I am !!!!!!!!! got it? :-) Your training has been exemplary. Knock it off. You are going to be fine, and its going to be fun! You could not have picked a better venue. The swim is down stream, not crowded. You could float and make the cut off. The bike has some hills but its not a difficult ride at all. That just leaves the run. Two loops through Augusta, perfectly flat. bah...

    Screw your noggin back on tight and get busy with it...