Thursday, September 16, 2010

Taper Thoughts: Ten Days Out

Today my thoughts are about organization.  In my head, there is a list of stuff that I need to get done in the next week to prep for Augusta.  One of those To-Do items is to get said list down on paper.  There's so much in my noggin' right now between Augusta, work, family, friends - I'm bound to forget something. I'd prefer not to spend my spending money on crap I left in Atlanta. 

I realized today there are a lot of errands I need to take care of before next Friday.  My bike needs a once over by the LBS.  I need to replenish my gel stock. The list is going to get longer and longer.

I'm feeling very tired today.  I have a quick brick tonight and then I'm going to head home for hopefully an early bedtime.  I would say "at least tomorrow's Friday," but that puts Augusta one day closer.  I'm not wishing for that at this point.

I've started giving some thought to "what next."  Still not sure about tabling fall marathon.  I have some ideas for next year.  Swim more.  Bike more.  Run more.  Balance in the rest of my life.

Smile everyone!

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  1. I totally havne't been paying attention! How did I miss that Augusta was so soon. I'm so proud of you for doing everything you've been doing. I swear you make me tempted to head back to the run/bike/swim thing. Good luck Lauren!