Sunday, September 12, 2010

♪♫♪ Walking On Broken Glass♪♫♪

Last Friday started out like any other day.  Got up.  Fixed breakfast.  Ate breakfast on love seat while watching morning news with husband.  Husband gets up, takes dishes (two bowls and a glass) to kitchen.

Here's where we altered our morning ritual.

Crash.  "Shit." 

I walked to the edge of our bedroom door, which gives way right into the kitchen.  Sure enough.  The glass didn't make it to the sink.  I scurried to help get it cleaned up, trying to be careful not to step on any glass.  Fail.

I noticed Friday afternoon, I have some slight pain in the ball of my right foot.  I examined.  Didn't see anything.  Friday evening. Same thing.  Figured I have some sort of small bit of glass in my foot.  Soaked in Epsom salts, looked and looked and looked.   Still can't find anything.  Walk around a little.  No pain. 

Get up Saturday morning.  No worries.  Planning a 12 mile run.  At about mile two, the pain in my foot is slight.  By mile 3-4, my left leg (shin, knee, hip) is really bothering me.  I'm having some tummy issues.  Just really not feeling the run.  At mile 5, I bail.  Defeat.

I start walking back to the parking lot (about a mile) and my right foot really starts to hurt.  Shooting pain with every step in one needle-sized point. 

I make it back to my car, head home.  Clean up a little, and then crawl back into bed to mope about my failed run.  A couple hours later, I get up and eat.  And begin Project Glass Extraction.

I wish I could say "I got it out!" but I'm not sure I did.  It doesn't hurt all the time now, but every once in a while I get that pinpoint pain when walking.  I can't seem to duplicate the pain while pressing on the spot while examining the spot.  Le Sigh.

Truthfully, I feel ridiculous "going to the doctor" for what could be just bruising at this point.  Suggestions welcome. 

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