Monday, November 29, 2010

Monday Started Really, Really Early

Today starts my first full week at work in two weeks.  I worked a full week the week of November 8-12, but before didn't work a full week the prior week.  So in four weeks, I worked one full week - I'm spoiled and think this week is going to be a bear. 

I've finally got my new routine laid out on paper.  At this point it becomes a matter of implementation.  The hardest part, in my experience. 

Now, I want to get it laid out on my blog - for accountability.

2011 "A" Races (*tentative until registered)
Publix Georgia Marathon
Rev3 South Carolina*

2011 "B" Races (*tentative until registered)
Rock 'N Roll Savannah Marathon

2011 "C" Races (*tentative until registered)
(none, yet)

2011 Lofty and Non-Lofty Goals
  1. Smash the hell out of my marathon time
  2. Smash the hell out of my half iron time
  3. Drop a significant amount of weight
  4. Finish 2011 with a solid fitness base to head into iron distance training in 2012.
Tentative Weekly Plan (December 2010 - March 2011)
M -  AM CrossFit         PM XT
T -  AM CrossFit         PM TNR (Run)
W -  AM CrossFit         PM XT
R -  AM Cross Fit         PM XT
F -  AM Cross Fit         PM XT
S -  AM Long Run         PM Off
S -  OFF

So yeah, I started CrossFit - at CrossFit Pulse in McDonough.  I've hemmed and hawed for years on CrossFit - with the biggest problem that I wanted to do it early in the morning and until I found this affiliate, required a significant drive in the pre-dawn hours.  This location is only like 4 miles from my house, which makes it very easy to get to, well, as easy as getting to a class that starts at 5am can possibly be.  I need some strength - I need functional fitness - and the family rate is great.  James is going and we think (eventually) we're going to allow the boys to go.

I realize I'm only running twice a week, but I think that will be okay.  The problem isn't the mileage at this point - it's a matter of training my heart rate to stay aerobic for these distance events.  My heart rate stays too high during most events and I suffer/struggle at the end because of it.  I think it's very important for me to spend a good part of 2011 dealing with this heart rate issue - otherwise, I'm really just fighting a losing battle.

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  1. Hi Lauren - You can take this suggestion with a grain of salt, but I think your HR issue could just be a function of the amount of time you spend running. If you are only running 2x per week, your body may see it as a stressor rather than a regular aerobic activity and raise your HR to compensate. You may want to consider 3x per week of crossfit and add two other days of running for a total of 4 days of running per week. I know that will cause at least 2 days to be back-to-back, which is not optimal, but it will be difficult to build towards 26.2 miles on only 2 runs per week. And, you can look at the mid-week runs as "recovery" from the crossfit because that stuff is really hard. Email me if you want to discuss. Hope you have a great first week back!