Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Recurring Theme with Bloggers

The recurring theme with bloggers of late is slacking on the blogging.  Guilty.  Again.

Truthfully, this has been a rough few weeks.  My cousin's passing was tough on me.  Then, less than two week's later, my husband's father died suddenly.  I'm learning things I never wanted to know - like how to comfort a spouse who has lost a parent.  It's tough.  I don't think I ever say the right thing.  I have at least expressed my feelings of helplessness to my husband - and he's agreed to try to let me know when I say the "wrong" thing.  It's a learning process.

Emotionally, I have trained for an iron in the last month.  Physically, I've slacked off.  Now, the holidays are here.  The time when "starting" or "getting back on track" feels useless.  I don't think January 1 is going to be some magic day when all the stars align.  I've got to start now.  I've got to get myself focused. 

Otherwise, March 20th will arrive and I'll be in the exact same place I was last year.  Untrained and unprepared.  Not.Happening.

I missed my run yesterday.  I'm making it up tonight.  My training plan allows for shifting of days (within reason) and I can make up my six miler today without consequence.  Intervals on Friday.  Probably going to hit the long run on Sunday this week because of wrestling tournaments and tickets to the UGA v. GT game on Saturday.  Plus it's a holiday - so everything is screwed up. 

Diet wise - the goal is to maintain over the holidays.  I'm no longer looking for some great weight loss over the next 5 weeks.  I'm looking to go into 2011 exactly where I am today.   Less than that - gravy. 

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  1. We all need a little time off... I sure took some...