Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Magic Line

As much as there was that ever moving line in the sand of "I'll Never Ever Get Past (This) Weight,"  there's also been a magic line on the low end.  It moved along, proportionately so, with the other line.  It is what I've referred to as "the magic line."   

The "magic line" is this number that I couldn't get the scale to go below.  I would get close to that number and then head back in the opposite direction.  It's been eff'ing with me for a couple of weeks now.  No matter how closely I followed my diet - no matter how consistently I would exercise, I'd get really close to that number (like within 0.1 lbs) and then BAM!   We'd be headed back up again.

Normally, this is where I get frustrated.  Throw my hands up in the air and say "Well, this is obviously not working" and try to find the next big thing.  This time was different because the new eating and CrossFit is working for James.   Drastically.  Like 10+ pounds in the last month.

And he was telling me "Look, I need you to give this some time.  This is working for me and I need you to keep trying because if you quit, then I quit.  And, I don't want that."

So, I've kept on.  CrossFit.  Some running (Christmas is really screwing with the running schedule).   Eating pretty clean.  Very few cheats.  It's been very frustrating to be so focused on getting it right and then watch the scale go up 2 pounds in a week for no apparent reason.  (I know, I know "water weight.")

But guess what.   This morning.  I was below that Magic Line by 0.1.  And that means I am doing this - I am making progress.  And that makes me feel good.

Today's Workout:
Warmup:  50 Push Ups - 50 Air Squats - 25 GH Sit-ups - 25 Good Mornings
10 x 1 minute Hill Repeats
3 x 12 Box Jumps  (Oh! I totally nailed the 20" box jump this morning too!)
WOD:  3 Rounds For Time
10 Goblet Squats (26lb Kettlebell) - 10 Power Cleans (43*lbs) - 50 Ab Mat Situps
Finish Time:  9:48
* I need to go way up on this weight.  RX was 103lbs and that scared me.  I could have done at least double what I did. 


  1. Whoo! Way to go, Lauren (and James)!!

  2. woohoo! if it were me, i'd now be resisting the urge to "celebrate" and trying to remember i LIKE that number and want to keep it