Monday, December 20, 2010

WOD; Christmas; "Being Good"

WOD: 3-3-3 OH Squats (45-33-33)

followed by "Lucy"  5 Rounds for Time:  5 Handstand Push-Ups or 10 No-Hand Push-Ups; 10 Burpees; 400m Sprint.   Time:  21:09.  I haven't even attempted Handstand Push-Ups yet, so this wasn't RX'd for me.  My Burpees were sad, sad, sad by the final couple of rounds.  My runs were okay, but tough after squats, push-ups, and burpees.   Still, I was the first woman finished (by 1 second, but still!)

I can't believe Christmas is Saturday.  I'm so behind this year.  I feel like I have a lot of shopping left to do, but James keeps saying - not so much.  We'll see, I guess.  It all has to be done by Thursday night (since the first family get together is Friday!)  Plus, I have a 'mandatory' CF class tonight for new members.   And, J.B. has a dentist appointment Wednesday afternoon.   And, this new eating style just doesn't allow for much "swinging through a drive thru" - which is good for the wallet and waist, but really hard to do when you have so much other stuff to do!

Speaking of the new lifestyle.   It's been a challenge to "be good" lately.  It's tough to remember to pack snacks for being out and about.  It's tough not to grab a soda while standing in line at the checkout because you're feeling parched (even though there may be water in the car.)   It's hard not hitting up the drive thru because it's more convenient.  It's hard politely declining the treats because everyone thinks you can justify this "one" cheat -- but if I cheated at every opportunity, it would literally be six steps backwards this holiday season.


  1. Exactly. Good for you, Lauren! I'm jealous, because I am currently six steps backward (and the waistband is feeling it). Tomorrow is another day, though!

  2. that "just this one" is reminds me of people saying "well, you workout (or are healthy) so you can have it!"

  3. What is a handstand pushup? The sound of it scares me!

  4. It's hard but you can do it! I've relaxed a little this week, but I'm trying not to get too out of hand. Gasp!

    Oh, and handstand push ups - I can't even imagine.

    Winks & Smiles,