Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Epic Fail or A Chance to Grow?

CrossFit Challenge?  What CrossFit Challenge?

That's basically been my attitude for the past few weeks.  I was so excited leading up to the challenge and then fizzle...fail.   

Looking back, here's a few issues I had.  1)  The challenge was announced 4+ weeks before it started.  I was one of the first 5 to sign up.  I then spent 4 weeks waffling between jumping in early and really putting 110% in and spending 4 weeks just getting by.   2)   The Snowpocalypse postponed the beginning of the challenge for a week.  By the time it started, I was 5 weeks "over it."  3)  Fell off the paleo wagon.  Hard.  Pretty sure I broke about 4 bones when I fell off the wagon.

Now, here I am, struggling to get myself to a crossfit workout for the past 9 days.  Struggling = have talked myself out of it every day.  "I'm too tired."  "I need to cook dinner."  "I'll go tomorrow."

(Sigh)   So, I'm not getting the results I'd planned for and threw up my hands and said, I quit.  (Sigh)
But wait!  I'm not a quitter.  Or at least I don't want to be.  So, I'm taking this opportunity to GROW.  You see, I spent 6 hours last Saturday morning (yes, instead of being at CF) making myself a vision board.  I spent most of last week figuring out what I want in the next few years and have visually put it down to remind me.  My new mission statement "Whatever It Takes."

So, starting now (1:22pm EST) I'm back in the challenge - I'll make what progress I can through the end of the challenge.  I will not accept my failure.  I will get back on the proverbial horse.  I will do my best.  I will remember the quote from last week..."If you really want to do something, you'll find a way."   I'm okay if I don't win this challenge.   It's the thing I love about CrossFit - the only person I'm really competing with is me!

Tonight is CrossFit.  Try to stop me from going. 

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  1. Definitely get back in the challenge and finish it! I think you will feel better for not giving up. We all have our excuses - sometimes it is harder to suck it up and get back on the wagon (broken bones and all...) :)