Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Not So Delayed DOMS

Well, I made it to CrossFit last night.  It was good.  So good.  160 Timed Situps, w/ 5 Burpees on the Minute.  Practice OH Squat Form.  5 Rounds for Time.  10 Push-Press (63#)/20 Knees-To-Elbows.  Done in 10:30.

Went back early this morning.   Trying to get back on track.  We started with bench press. 5x5 reps.  I got a new 1 rep max.  Only up 2 pounds from previous, but my trainer pointed out "take every pound you can get!"

The WOD was supposed to be a Partner WOD, but we were odd number out because of another girl with an injury.  So, we modified the WOD for me to go solo. 

AMRAP - 4 minutes, Wall Balls (53)
30 Box Jumps (Modified to StepUps)
30 Push-ups
30 Clean&press w/ KB (53/35)
30 Side to side planks
Finish with 400 m Run.   
I finished up in 13:07.  

Now, I'm sore.  Lots of body parts hurt.  But, once again, it's a good sore.  And, I'm headed back tomorrow.  Yeah, I'm back.

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