Thursday, February 24, 2011

In Reverse

Honestly, today's workouts was one of those that I didn't take seriously.  The posted workout had a good bit of running in it (as far as CrossFit workouts go.)  Even though my CF runs are generally harder, because they are closer to a sprint pace rather than a marathon pace, I don't usually fear the WOD that contains running. 

Today, I was wrong.  Strike that.  Today, I was W-R-O-N-G.

2 Rounds for Time.
*20 Roll-Outs.  (You get on your knees and with a barbell out in front of you.  With your arms fully extended, you roll the bar out in front of you until you're almost in a superman position.  Then you roll back up to a kneeling position.)

*20 KettleBell Clean & Press.  26#.  This was okay for my right arm, but my left arm did not like this at all.

800m Run.

400m Run - Backwards.

Generally, with CrossFit, your heart rate is elevated throughout the entire workout.  It's like HIIT with weights.  So, coming down the ramp to do the 400m loop, I could already feel my heart rate through the roof.  I struggled to get my breathing under control.  Two loops.  Not bad.

Then, I had to turn around.  And run backwards.   In the dark.  Yeah, Yeah, sure there are a few lights in the parking lot, but there are areas that are dark.  And there are manhole covers.  And there are ruts in the asphalt.  And, well, running backwards, especially in 1/4 mile increments is really hard.

By the end of the second round (and my 2nd backward run,) I just wanted it to be over.  My shoulders were killing me (because I worked on my kipping skill before class.)  I couldn't breath.  But I finished.  I didn't walk a step.  24:12.

Tomorrow is Angie.   I'm sure I'll have some choice words about that tomorrow.  Happy Thursday!

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