Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A New Toy

I am a copycat.  A few weeks ago, I read this post on another blog.   "Hmm," I thought, "I've been considering trying one of those since B:ggest Loser introduced them many seasons ago."   I just filed it away in the back of my mind again and didn't think about it again for a few weeks.  Then, I stepped on the scale - and it was back-up, again.  I knew I'd fallen off from Paleo lately and my workouts were less consistent.    And then, I stumbled across a 20% coupon code through the website.  It seemed like a good time to splurge.   I knew I needed something to help me focus - to help motivate me.  So, I bit the bullet and ordered one.

My BodyMedia Fit came on Monday.  I've been wearing it for almost 2 days.  The feedback is interesting.  For one, I'm not getting enough sleep -- barely 6.5 hours a night with 4:30 wake-ups for CrossFit.  Another is that even on days I 'thought' I was hitting a 500 calorie deficit (for 1 pound per week), I probably wasn't.  My current "plan" through their website calls for 15 minutes of vigorous workout daily.  I actually have to work really hard to get that.  Because, even after CrossFit this morning, I was 5 minutes short.  (I can only attribute that to the unit only calculates when you're actually doing the vigorous activity and all the rests/etc are not counted.  I had hit my "Moderate Activity Goal" with no problem, bu the "Vigorous" was short.  I pounded out 5 minutes on the treadmill after CrossFit this morning.

I can see where this could get obsessive.  I got the unit that has Bluetooth capabilities, so I can get (almost) up to date information from my phone anytime.  I know it's not doing the work for me - it's simply spitting out numbers to give me feedback.  But, I'm a numbers kindof girl.  Hey, I'm married to a CPA and work in wealth management, right?

Either way, I don't like having to put the bad foods in the food tracker.  I don't like to see the read out "You're on a weight gain trend."  I like seeing where my deficit is for the day.  I like seeing how long I was lying down versus actually sleeping.  I feel motivated to eat better and get my workouts done.  I think, at this point, that's what is important.  Overall, I am impressed and happy with my purchase. 

The six pounds I'm down since Monday's not bad either.


  1. I've been looking into getting one of those, too. Glad to hear you like it!!

  2. Interesting, I might have to check it out. Too bad all the stopping in between vigorous exercise doesn't really count. ha ha.