Monday, March 21, 2011

2011 Publix Georgia Marathon/Half Marathon Race Report

Three little letters sum up my 2011 Georgia Marathon/Half Marathon Race Report. 

D.  N.  S.

I hadn't done the training.  I am not enamored with distance running right now.  I've been fighting sick for two weeks (enough so that I only ventured out this weekend to take Tyler to his soccer game.)   I slept most of Saturday and quite a bit more on Sunday.  I knew running this race would break my body down a lot further than I was ready for it to.  I made my decision and I'm perfectly okay with it.

Sunday left me with my thoughts.  What do I really want?  Do I want another marathon?  Do I even want a half?  What do I want with triathlon?   What do I want with my body/weight/health?   What do I mentally want?  Emotionally?

I feel like I'm forever changing my goals - re-evaluating what I want.  That to me says, I'm never satisfied with what I set for myself.   Because I'm never behind my goals, I never make real progress.  I may make a little, until the next 'thing' attracts my attention.  Really, it's just me spinning my wheels.  No real progress over the last few years to speak of.  That... Well, that just pisses me off.


  1. You have made progress, Lauren. You have improved your eating habits and made exercise a more regular part of your life (and your family's lives). Those are huge accomplishments.

    Whether your next thing is running or pilates or kickboxing or zoomba or cross-fit is not as important as the fact that you are putting activity into your life. There is no rule that life must be a straight line and that once you choose to run a marathon, you must always run marathons. I think it is more important that you have A regular activity/activities than what the actual activity is. You do seem to jump from thing to thing but as long as you are continuing SOME activity consistently, without using the boredom with an activity as an excuse for no activity at all, it is not a problem. Life changes so naturally what works for you now (crossfit) may not work for you as your needs/commitments and those of your family change next month or next season or next year.

  2. Sorry you haven't been feeling well. And, it seems to me that you have made lots of progress! Goals can be hard to settle on. Something tells me you'll find one that fits!

    Winks & Smiles,