Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Uhm, Yeah

This Lent - Yeah, Not Going So Well.

Life is not always cherries and roses.  The last week has not been for me.  Nothing particular, just mentally, not in a great place.  It happens.  No, I don't need medication.   I need sunshine and consistently warmer weather. 

In other news, it was so beautiful on Monday that I got to ride with the sunroof open.  The bad news, I neglected to shut it when I got home on Monday and the interior of my truck got to track how much rainfall we got overnight to Tuesday morning.  Yeah.  Not. Good. 

I'm working on getting my head in the game.  I'm working on some ideas outside the "racing" box.  Not running on Sunday.  I just...can't.  It would be a miserable run that will just leave me feeling that "I hate running."   I don't want that.  I have missed running (and the love of running) and I'm just starting to head in that direction again.  

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