Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Would You Like Some Pie With That Run?

First run over 3 miles since New Years.   It was bound to be humbling, right?

We left out on the out-and-back route.  I was feeling strong.  My pace was quick.  Probably quicker than it should have been.  I noticed my form was pretty good.  I was actually picking my knees up a good bit. 

We came to the first hill.  Nachoochee Drive.  In the Peachtree Battle area.  It can be a deceptive hill.  It's short, but rises quickly.  I was feeling good - breathing a little harder than I like, but determined to make it up that hilll.

I did.  Recovery took a bit longer than I like.  I was sucking wind.  But, pushed on through. 

Out to the intersection of Woodward Way & Northside Dr (2.1 mile point) - Regroup.  Head back out.  This was the first of the walk breaks.  It was tough.  I just didn't have anything in the tank.  Then it hit me.  2 miles is probably the max run I've done at CrossFit.  And, it would be at a sprint pace. 

So, I probably didn't pace myself appropriately for a non-CrossFit run.   The back was hit or miss. It's more up than down and includes "Rivers."   I walked most of that one.  All in all, even with walk breaks and two lengthy stops at a cross walk, it averaged out to 12:49 pace.  Must take the Garmin for the next run to get a more accurate pacing.

I feel like a newbie.  I know three-six months off from endurance running is like starting over when you come back to the game.  All I know, is it will get better.  I will run farther, faster, stronger.  And I will remember what this Humble Pie tastes like. 


  1. It's always hard to get back into it. But you will. I promise.

  2. It's just going to keep getting easier. Way to get back out there.