Thursday, March 31, 2011

Over-Complicating The Simple

Hello.  My name is Lauren and I'm an Over-Complicator.  I take the simplest ideas and make them, well, over complicated.  Over complicated is about 15 degrees past complicated, in case you were wondering.   I believe this tendency is part of my slight OCD.

Most recently, this reared it's ugly head with my workout plan for the half marathon.  Since I'm limiting my group runs, I needed to get the general outline down on paper - so I'd know for at least the next seven months (Savannah Rock n Roll) - which group runs I'd make it to and which ones I wouldn't.  

Plus, I knew I needed to do something on those on my own runs that was not your standard prescribed workout from the group schedule.  I tried that last year, they just didn't happen.  So, I sat down with my trust excel spreadsheet, and started mapping it all out.

Pretty soon, I'd blacked out "off days" and filled in the group runs.  Then, I filled in CrossFit (adding a column for AM/PM workouts.)   And then I started feeling the need to fill in the blanks with more cardio -- or more weights -- or yoga -- or something!   Before I knew it, my seven month schedule was practically full of two-a-days for the next seven months.


So I backed it all off.  I put my CF mornings back.  I put my group runs back.  I added Wednesday Night LBS Rides (because I really want to do that  - more for fun than fitness.)  I added morning runs on Thursdays.  I added runs to non-group run Tuesdays.  I added LBS Rides on alternating Saturday mornings.  I used some CrossFit endurance runs to plug in missing runs (making sure I'm getting 3 per week.)

And then I stopped and darkened out the rest of the times as "off."   

And it's more manageable.  Wednesdays look like 2-a-days, but that's only because I'm CrossFitting at 5am and riding on Wednesday nights.  I didn't add swims - knowing that they will happen on their own with the warming weather, but it leaves my evenings, Saturday afternoons, and Sundays to play in the pool with my kids that are just growing up too fast.  

It's actually really simple (especially since there are no mileages filled in at this point.)  It's not some crazy schedule that will exhaust me in 2 months.  And, I kind of like it. 

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