Wednesday, April 27, 2011


For a few weeks now, Wednesday's been the day that I've struggled to get to 5am CrossFit.  A couple of those weeks, I managed to make it to the 6pm class.  But, otherwise, not so much.   I went to bed last night determined to get to the class this morning.

The alarm went off and we snoozed once.  4:30's really early, sometimes you just need 9 more minutes.

Got up - did my habit - and got dressed and we were out the door. 

I looked at the whiteboard when we got there.  Holy Expletive. 

3 x 7
(1)  7 Minute AMRAP of Barbell Thrusters (65#) and Chest-to-Bar Pullups.  (This is the games workout for the week, so I wasn't surprised to see this.)  You start with 3 reps of each and add 3 reps to each round.  So 3/3/6/6/9/9/12/12...    

For nongamers, it continued on...

Rest two minutes
(2)  7 minute AMRAP of 10 push-ups, 15 squats, 20 sit-ups. 

Rest two minutes

(3)  7 minute AMRAP of 20 KB Swings (35#), 20 lunges, 20 Double Unders or 80 Singles.

Did I mention Holy Expletive!  

We warmed up with 8 rounds of Tabata Jump Ropes.  Stretched.  Got Set Up.   3-2-1-GO!

Sometimes with CrossFit, there are more people in the class than space to get your workout done, so we stagger start.  I opted to start with the (3) AMRAP.  This worked really well this morning.  75% of the class started on (1) and they were tripping over each other.  

Results:  (1) 3 Rounds, 12 Thrusters and 10 chest-to-bar pullups (Green)
(2)  4 Rounds, 10 pushups, 15 squats, 10 sit-ups.
(3)  3 rounds, 20 KB swings.

So, other than I've yet to master the pull-up, much less the chest-to-bar pull-up, I RX'd this workout.  I've been tossing around in my head how to work on skills (what order I want to focus) and I really think that Pull-Ups need to be my first focus!

The Habit Course:  In case you missed it in the post, I did my habit.  Weighed & Charted.


  1. NICE! Half the battle is getting up out of bed. UGH... I slept past my spin class this morning - oh the guilt... :)

  2. Hey lauren - you are correct... my race is in "Cooler" LOL.