Thursday, December 15, 2011

Follow Me...

I can now be found at

I hope you'll come visit me.  I've actually been updating over there.  Be sure to follow me.  :)

It's much more geared at where I'm at -- lifting weights - CrossFit - and trying to qualify for Boston, with CrossFit Endurance. It's about me starting everything with "the bar" (no weight on the bar, just the bare basics of form, with lots of progress, etc.)

I've migrated all the posts from here and actually gone back to the original blog and migrated most of those.  There's a lot of content - and most of it is redundant, but I'm trying to consolidate and really get an idea of where I came from - so I know exactly where I'm going. :)

This link will only be good through January-ish.  I am not renewing this domain. :)

Happy 2012.

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