Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Taper Thoughts: Five Days Out

Yeah, I know, I missed a day.  Either that, or I had no thoughts yesterday.  Your pick.

I managed to get to the pool last night and swim out 1800m/yds.  The people at the gym still can't decide if it's a 25m or yd pool.  Short of actually taking a tape measure in there, I just guess it's meters and move on.  James went with, swimming significantly shorter than me.  He asked before we went how long it would take.  I guesstimated an hour (better to under-promise and over-deliver).   He said "more like thirty minutes, right?"

I responded, "I wish."

He took that as "Oh, ok, thirty minutes."

So at thirty minutes, he was ready.to.go.  This of course, made me feel guilty about having another 15 minutes or so to go.  Then, I thought about how many times I've sat on the floor in the basketball courts because I had to wait on him.  He could suck.it.up.

I was pleased with 43 minutes to finish.  I'm still swimming about 2:20-2:25 per 100m.  I hope to shave some time off that before next year.  According to some website, I'm still a novice swimmer.  I'd like to be average (1:41-2:00) by next year.  Faster = more time in the pool.

This week is slipping away from me.  I still have a good bit to do on my to do list.  Run tonight, short swim tomorrow, short bike Thursday, off Friday, optional OWS on Saturday (hopefully!).  Lots of race-specific stuff to get bought (gels, endurance drink!).  Pickup bike.  Argh!  Plus work stuff, including a LATE afternoon conference call tomorrow (when I was scheduled to pickup my bike!)


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  1. Whenever I go to the gym with Jason, he's always ready to leave before i am. Sometimes I tell him 30 minutes when I know it's 45 because I'm scared that he won't go to the gym with me in the first place if he knows it's 45 minutes.

    5 days! I'm excited for you.