Sunday, September 19, 2010

Taper Thoughts: Seven Days Out

Today's been pretty consumed with my financial planning coursework.  I was falling a little behind and needed to spend some time catching up.  It's easy to get your priorities screwed up when you're training for an endurance event. 

My bike's in the shop for a tune up.  There's nothing wrong with the bike, just wanted to get a good once over and a professional cleaning before the big race.  I should get it back on Wednesday.  LBS bike mechanic says I probably will need a new chain by the spring, depending on how much mileage I put on the bike this winter.  I'm horrible about cross-chaining and the chain is at about 50% stretch.

James and I had date night last night.  We saw Devil.  It was okay.  Nothing spectacular.  A few JUMP moments, but fairly predictable.  And they saved a lot of money because several minutes of the movie the screen is completely black and you can only hear what's going on.   It was okay the first time they did it, but there were several scenes shot in that manner.  After the first, it was just annoying.

Hope everyone has a great week!

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