Thursday, January 20, 2011

4:30 Came & Went

4:30 came and went this morning.  Not unnoticed because the alarm did go off.  It was simply reset and I rolled over and went back to sleep.

Before I drifted back into blissful slumber, I became aware of how sore I felt.  I thought, "You know, if you'll just go do some light cardio, you'll work some of those kinks out and you'll feel better all day."

I'm pretty sure my response to myself was the equivalent of a mental middle finger.

But, then, this morning has snowballed on me.  It's closing in on lunch and I'm starving - only to realize, I didn't bring lunch because I was running late and didn't have time.   Did I mention running late?  Oh yeah, because I had an 8am CPE class that I was 20 minutes late.  I'd needed to be at my desk before 8 to take care of a couple of things for clients before I scurried off to my webinar.

Currently, I am still really sore.  As in - hurts to stand up from my chair kind of sore.  Hurts to breathe kind of sore.  Yesterday was Hurt So Good, today is Please make it stop!  

But, all this goes back to my choice.  My choice to reset the alarm.  My choice not to get up and move my body, when I knew that's exactly what my body needed me to do. 

These are all the consequences of my action, or rather non-action. 

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  1. Thanks for that pace conversion chart. Very interesting.

    I was so tempted to sleep in today too, but I already did that yestreday so no skimping today :) 4:30 is a painful hour to be awake, but you feel so good the rest of the day. Good thing there's always tomorrow!