Tuesday, January 18, 2011

And God Showed Great Mercy Today...

Because school is finally back in session!   It's been a long 11 days.   And since, they'd only been back at school for two days since Winter Break, it's been a really long month.

Grant it, it is kind of nice to have my mornings not feel rushed.  But, GoshDagNabit, if those kids should be in school -- they should be.in.school.    I'm really over the "He Touched Me" phone calls.


Tonight, I am attending a nutrition seminar in place of my workout.  I've been really good about the M-W-F 5am workout, but I seem to have issue getting up on T-R to get to the gym.  For some reason, my brain says "It's coooooold outside" when I try to get up at 4:30 on T-R.  I've got to conquer that.

I was messaging back and forth yesterday about my status as a runner.  Truthfully, I'm just not sure.  I'm having the same issue that I have every winter - when I just don't want to run outside and long miles on the treadmill aren't appealing either.   Hmm.  Also, I'm still not sure what I want to do distance wise, you know?    (I know my few readers are thinking "Gah! Haven't you beat this horse to death yet!?")

There's the pressure of another marathon.  Which I know I don't have to do.  Ever.   I like the half marathon distance.  But, do I even want to train for that at this point.  And how does all this fit in to the fact that I want to do a full iron distance in 2012.

Decisions, Decisions and then the question of if you made the right one!

I reiterate - I need a Fairy GodCoach to figure all this out!


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  1. I hear ya, I was fighting burnout big time from running, and so I've focused on CF. But I want a balance, I just need to decide :) I'm catching up on your posts!