Monday, April 25, 2011

The Habit Course

A couple of weeks back, I was reading a blog post on Zen Habits.  The blog post ended with an invite to be one of 50 beta testers of The Habit Course

The Habit Course will outline a simple method to change your habits with minimum effort. It will show you why you’ve struggled with habit change, and how to solve those problems.

Immediately, I thought, "cool."  I followed the link over to the website to register, thinking -- I'm never in time for stuff like this -- especially since Zen Habits has about 210,000 readers.   But guess, what...

Yeah, that's right, I'm 1 of 50, baby.

Last week was our "planning week."   I struggled most of the week trying to come up with my habit.  The instructions were that we needed to start simple.  Don't pick a mountain to move, move a pebble.  

So, I thought, and thought, and talked to people, and brainstormed.  I thought about drinking a glass of water when I got up in the mornings.  I thought about meditating for 10 minutes when I get up in the morning.  I thought about stretching and veggies and fruits.   My list was exhaustive. 

Then, I remembered something else I'd read on Zen Habits a while back.  Charting my weight.  Truthfully, in the past I've been "better" about losing/maintaining weight loss in the past when I'm writing it down to see.  So, that's my small habit change.

Each morning, I will weigh and chart my weight. 
Each day, I will post on my blog that I did my habit change.

At the end, I'll post my total weight loss from this morning until the end of the Beta Test.
Happy Habit Change!

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