Monday, April 4, 2011

Paleo to Primal - Thoughts and Transitions

I read The Paleo Solution Diet back when we started CrossFit five months ago.  I immediately followed it up with The Paleo Diet for Athletes.   Suddenly, I had all this knowledge and no idea how to legitimately implement it into my life. 

It was overwhelming.  It was so simple - yet so incredibly hard to figure out at the same time.  I started reading blog after blog.  And, well, that just made it worse.  Because there seems to be about as many different takes on the Paleo lifestyle as there are fish in the sea. 

The first trip to the Farmer's Market was incredibly expensive and even more over whelming.  You really get caught up in that "I'll try this!"    And then you get it home, and you have no idea what to do with it.  And then you google what to do with it, and well, that was a lot harder than you thought it'd be.  So, it goes to waste.  Bummer.

I did pretty well until Christmas.  I was 100% Paleo.  I was dropping weight like crazy.  But, it was our Christmas morning to ourselves, and we opted to 'cheat.'   Which results in 3 months "off."  Which results in a net gain of, oh, 10 pounds.  Grrr.

Over the last three months, I've religiously read Mark's Daily Apple.  I've seen his book The Primal Blueprint and not ordered because what else could he possibly tell me not to confuse me a bit more.  But, in a moment of frustration/divine intervention - I ordered the book (love Kindle on my Droid) last week.  I haven't read it cover-to-cover yet.  I've skipped around.  I've skimmed.  And, the bits I've read.  Have made so much more sense!  

Now, I have a real idea of how I should be doing this - and how to handle real weight loss with Paleo.  I'm re-energized to approach a Primal lifestyle.  It put numbers (a "face," in my mind) to the eating approach.  And, the numbers make my goal seem a lot more obtainable - a lot more quickly than I ever thought possible. 

I still have to figure out how half marathons fit into this -- because I do love to run and chronic cardio is an no-no with this lifestyle.  I'll get there, though.  Just you wait!


  1. 'Hope the transition is going very smoothly and is much more successful this time!

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