Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Didn't Happen

The funny thing about kids is they seem to always have something come up.  Case in point, last night.  Tyler called me at 4:37, to say "I have a partner project for my math final and I need to go to (friend)'s house to work on it.   They can pick me up, but you will need to pick me up when we're done."

Argh.  "How long will it take you to finish?"

"I don't know."

Initiate Gym Fail.   Yoga was 6:15 - 7:15.   (Friend) lives 20 minutes from gym, so if I went to Yoga, it would be almost 7:45 before I could pickup Tyler, which I think is inconsiderate of me to other parents.  Sure, if J.B.'s car wasn't in the shop, he could have picked him up. But alas, his transmission failure has put a dent in my "I now have a kid that drives, so I can do other stuff and make him pick his brothers up" plan to take over the world.

So, I went home and waited by the phone until Tyler called.  I made dinner (including a sugar-free pumpkin custard!)  And, Tyler called at 6:47.  Either way, I wouldn't have made it through yoga. 

This morning was back to CrossFit!   Tough workout with lots of pull-ups, goblet squats and sit-ups.  DOMS is still rearing it's ugly head, but I pushed through.   I was planning to get to yoga tonight, but James says "We should go finalize our decision on our new mattress..."

And if you knew how bad my mattress needs to be replaced, you'd understand the shift in priorities of mattress over yoga.  Alas, there's always tomorrow.

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  1. i am denying that one of your boys is old enough to drive.