Thursday, May 26, 2011

For Me

I like eating Paleo.  It's easy.  It makes sense.  But, over the past few months, I've determined that there is one aspect of a paleo lifestyle that gives me fits.

Eating to Satiety.  

Let's get this straight.  I come from a family that likes to eat.  We eat to celebrate.  We eat to mourn.  We eat.  And eat.  And then eat some more.  Oh!  And after all that eating, we've damn still saved room for dessert. 

Most of the time, I keep this in check.  I did say, most of the time.  Then, I get hungry.  Really hungry.  Gnaw my own arm off hungry.  And then, I've eaten too much.  Which follows like a snowball -- one bad meal after another.  Because, let's face it -- one taste of the "good"  (read:  stuff you really shouldn't eat because of it's lengthy shelf life....) and it's hard to exert control over the next meal. 

And, that, folks, is where I've been camped out for a couple of months.  And you know what came camping with me... The 17 pounds I lost last year.  Oh yeah, 17 pound gain in 4 months.  Completely undoing any and all progress. So, I marched my butt down to the local Weight Watchers and signed up (again.)   You may, or may not, remember my trip through WW back in 2008 (that's the old blog that's gone for you new readers....).  I was the 5-week dropout. 

First weigh in = 10 pounds higher than I was when I was fed up in 2008 and signed up.  Hell, let's just be honest.  First weigh in 169.8.  Sad & Embarrassing.

But, sssssssshhhhhhh, I can't tell my weight watchers peops that I'm actually back to eating paleo.  As in "no grains/legumes" and will be back to "no dairy (other than eggs)" by next week.  Do you know how hard it is to be paleo while doing Weight Watchers?  I'm hitting my points though.  I'm being wary of the free fruit and veggies aspect.  I'm eating lean(er) choices of meat and veggies and some healthy fats.  Just no bread/pasta/etc.  It's why it's like paleo watchers points +.

I'm re-reading Robb Wolf's The Paleo Solution and trying to get back to the form of paleo that was more sustainable for me.  No offense to the rock star paleo bloggers I've been reading, but extreme paleo just really isn't sustainable for me.  The operative words that I'm really trying to embrace is "FOR ME."  I admire the ones that can eat the organ meats, only buy paleo friendly products, and have abandoned shampoo for more natural products.  The amount of discipline that takes is staggering.

But, it doesn't work for me.  I need easy.  I need seamless integration.  I need convenience.  I need to not have to obsess over every aspect of my life.  I absolutely do not need to feel like I'm not good enough because I won't embrace the entire extreme lifestyle.

So, I'm learning to control portions with Weight Watchers.  I'm eating a lot of whole, unprocessed foods.  I'm working on feeling better.  I'm figuring out what works and what doesn't work.  I'm evaluating exercise and fitness goals and plans.

Because when it all comes down to it, it's all for me.


  1. Girl I am so proud of you for putting it out there. When I weighed into WW for the first time I was 164.8. I give WW most of the credit for where I am now, and I (as a Lifetime Member) have also had a hard time adjusting to the free fruits and veggies. After I have 5 fruits or veggies I started counting them as they used to be pointed.

    I know you can do it! You are an inspiration to me!

  2. i followed that paleo pepper blog for a bit but just couldn't continue...just too much lecturing...fine for the right audience, but that isn't me (though i appreciated you leading me to her BED comments and did exchange a few motes with her on that matter)