Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Two Days - Two Posts

The mind reels, I know.

Another thing going on in my life is that I'm participating in a Pedometer Challenge at work.  It started yesterday.  I signed up as a runner (hoping it will help motivate me to run a bit.)   The winner of the each group (runners & walkers) gets Free Jeans Fridays (otherwise $5/Friday) for a year! Yesterday, I hit 8,525 steps.  I have a new pedometer, but I'm not thrilled with it yet.  It missed a lot of steps, I think.  For example, it currently counts only 90 for the day.  It's 213 from my car to my desk.  I counted.  :|

I managed to get myself back on paleo yesterday.  First full paleo day in months.   Still drank an insane amount of diet coke yesterday and am already having one today.  I'm being better about cutting back some of the fruit that I was inhaling when I paleo-ing before.  Lean meats, veggies, some fruit, some good fat.  It can't be that hard, until someone leaves Corner Bakery muffins on the break room counter for "everyone." 

On another note, I'm having some complexion issues lately.  Serious complexion issues - a lot more breakouts, painful breakouts.  I've always struggled to have clear skin - and truthfully, I know that's partially related to weight.  When my weight is 'closer to normal,' my skin is a lot clearer.  But, I've been around this weight for a while, and this is excessive.  I bought the Philosophy line last night (the trial versions, I had a gift certificate.)
I'm hoping that a regular regiment, improved diet, drinking more water will clear this problem up in no time.

Weight Loss Goal:  -20
Current Weight Loss:  -2.2

Bench Press Goal:  100% of Body Weight
Current Bench Press:  40.12%   

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